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About Us

Verkline is a designer, developer and manufacturer of aftermarket high performance and motorsport chassis upgrade products. These products include subframes, wishbones, suspension links, top mounts, bushes, gearbox mounts and as time goes on we will develop more products to solve more chassis problems to drop lap times and drag times. 

Verkline, based in Poland has selected Verkline UK to be the sole distributor in the UK to help with development, distribution, marketing and customer support for Verkline products.

Verkline designs, prototypes and test-fits the products at their development, design and manufacturing centre in Poland and in conjunction with other specialists around the world, like the at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. When testing is completed and the parts validated, they are sent to the Verkline manufacturing department where using CAD and CAM systems, parts are made with incredible precision. Once manufactured, Verkline performs the final assembly, quality control and shipping. From development, design to manufacturing, everything is controlled in-house at Verkline. 

As all the parts are 3D CAD designed and CNC produced on Verkine’s machines to assure premium quality and repetitiveness as well as using the best materials possible including the finest T45 tubing imported from the UK, S355 sheets and motorsport specification uniballs of various sizes for our spherical bearings which are fleuro lined and come with dust boots for longevity. 

A selection of our in-house CAD tools: 

  • Hexagon Absolute 7-Axis Arm with an additional 3D Laser scanner 
  • Creaform HandySCAN 3D black scanner

A selection of our in-house CNC machines 

  • Mikron HPM 800U 5-axis milling machine
  • Mikron VCE 1000W PRO 3-axis milling machine
  • Gildemeister CTX 400E lathe with C-axis and driven tools

The Verkline UK team is here to answer any questions you have, you can contact them below: 


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