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Verkline Full Rear Polyurethane Bushings Set – Audi B4/B5 Steel (Street hardness)

A set full for rear wishbones for Audi B4 cars including S2, RS2, A4 Quattro with steel arms.

Red set for all rear wishbones of polyurethane bushings for cars with steel upper arms.

Polyurethane bushings work ideally in performance suspensions. Rubber suspension bushings are a proven compromise in performance vehicles. When additional horsepower is added, plus size tires then OEM or rubber bushings tend to stress beyond design limits. Polyurethane bushings are strong enough to control movement and maintain wheel alignment.

This is a full set for rear of car all wishbones.

Includes the missing bush that Powerflex does not carry !

– 12 polyurethane bushings (wishbones not included)
– red street hardness rated 75 ShA bushings

Fitment for cars:
– Audi B3/B4 Sedan with steel pressed rear upper arms
– Audi B3/B4 Avant with steel pressed rear upper arms
– Audi RS2 with steel pressed rear upper arms
– Audi B5 A4 Quattro with steel pressed rear upper arms


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