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Verkline Polyurethane Subframe Mounts, Rear, Audi B4 B5

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Set of rear subframe polyurethane bushings for Audi Quattro B4 (Avant, Sedan S2 RS2) and B5 (A4 Quattro, S4, RS4) chassis.Polyurethane bushings work ideally in perform...
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Perfect parts and fast delivery to the UK!
“Recently purchased some diff mounts for my S2, I was very impressed with the quality of the parts, and the fit was perfect. After seeing the quality of those diff mounts etc, I don’t want to use anyone else. For this very reason, I will be placing another order for even more parts next week.”
Tom Cockings
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Product Description

Set of rear subframe polyurethane bushings for Audi Quattro B4 (Avant, Sedan S2 RS2) and B5 (A4 Quattro, S4, RS4) chassis.

Polyurethane bushings work ideally in performance suspensions. Rubber suspension bushings are a proven compromise in performance vehicles. When additional horsepower is added, plus size tires then OEM or rubber bushings tend to stress beyond design limits. Polyurethane bushings are strong enough to control movement and maintain wheel alignment. Mounts are 85 durometer reading, approx 50% stiffer than stock.

What’s Included:
– 4 pices of black polyurethane bushings for rear subframe (full set)

– Completely replaces OEM bushings to eliminate unwanted suspension movement
– More precise feel and quicker reactions to steering input
– Created to reduce unwanted suspension flex
– Hardness rated 85 ShA

– Audi B4 Quattro Sedan inc. S2
– Audi B4 Quattro Avant inc S2 and RS2
– Audi B5 Quattro inc A4, S4 and RS4

Replaces OEM part numbers:
– 8D0505145E / 8D0 505 145E
– 8D0505145F / 8D0 505 145F
– 8A0505145D / 8A0 505 145D
– 8D0505145C / 8D0 505 145C
– 8A0505145E / 8A0 505 145E
– 8D0505145D / 8D0 505 145D
– 8A0505145C / 8A0 505 145C

Notice: The way our mounts should be mounted is that the thicker side goes top/above between subframe and the car body.

Shipping Information

Same-day shipping for in-stock items when ordered before 2PM. UK delivery via DPD next day and European & Rest of World deliveries are carried out by DHL. 

Returns & Guarantee

2 years warranty on Verkline products. 14-day no quibble returns. See our warranty & returns pages for more information. 

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The products we received look great, can't wait to have them fitted

“Great work on the packaging, companies could learn a thing or two... even if it did take 30 mins to unpack”
Tom Blackman
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frequently asked questions

Is this product in-stock?

We keep 100s of Verkline products in-stock at any one time. If you urgently require a product please message the team prior to ordering to confirm stock availability.

 Can I install this myself?

Installation instructions are provided for almost all products to aid with installation.

What’re the benefits of adjusting the roll centre?

Without getting too deep into it, generally speaking, the higher the roll centre the less the vehicle will roll, the lower the roll centre the more the car will roll. Talking about road cars which are adapted to motorsport, on lowered cars without adjustable roll centres (pretty much all cars without motorsport suspension) they tend to roll more than standard. Raising the roll centre higher repositions the roll centre so that there is less roll.

What’re the benefits of adjusting the camber?

Precisely setting the camber on your car is essential for optimising the tyres contact patch under load which evenly distributes the forces across the tyre. Too much, or too little camber can cause the load to be distributed more on the inner or outer edge which can lead to accelerated wear and poor performance.

What’re the benefits of adjusting the toe?

Precisely setting the toe on your car is essential for optimising multiple aspects which contribute to performance such as corner entry handling, tyre wear (heat) and straight line stability.

What’re the benefits of adjusting the castor?

Precisely setting the castor is very important as this can increase the amount of outside wheel negative camber gain and inside wheel positive camber gain when cornering, further improving the tyre contact patch, whilst running less ‘static’ camber for reduced tyre wear in a straight line.

What’re the benefits of adjusting bump steer?

Bump-steer adjustment can reduce or increase the amount of toe change there is with suspension travel.

What’re the benefits of adjusting camber gain?

Camber-gain adjustment can reduce or increase the amount of camber change there is with suspension travel.

 What’re the benefits of eliminating deflection?

Factory rubber bushes allow for the suspension to move around in ways that allow the wheel alignment to change as they load up, making your car feel less precise and often more unstable. With the Verkline spherical bearings there is no movement which results in a direct and consistent feeling.

What is the warranty on these products?

Verkline products feature a 2 year limited warranty. The warranty information can be found here:
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Verkline Polyurethane Subframe Mounts, Rear, Audi B4 B5

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