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Verkline Polyurethane Subframe Mounts, Front, Audi B5 B6 B7 C5

Set of front subframe polyurethane bushings for Audi B5 B6 B7 (A4 Quattro, S4, RS4) chassis.

Polyurethane bushings work ideally in performance suspensions. Rubber suspension bushings are a proven compromise in performance vehicles. When additional horsepower is added, plus size tires then OEM or rubber bushings tend to stress beyond design limits. Polyurethane bushings are strong enough to control movement and maintain wheel alignment. Mounts are 85 durometer reading, approx 50% stiffer than stock.

What’s Included:
– 4 pices of black polyurethane bushings for front subframe (full set)

– Completely replaces OEM bushings to eliminate unwanted suspension movement
– More precise feel and quicker reactions to steering input
– Created to reduce unwanted suspension flex
– Hardness rated 85 ShA

– Audi B5 inc A4, S4 and RS4
– Audi B6 inc A4 and S5
– Audi B7 inc A4, S4 and RS4
– Audi C5 inc A6 S6 RS6

Replaces OEM part numbers:
– 8D0399419Q / 8D0 399 419Q
– 8D0399415E / 8D0 399 415E
– 8D0399415D / 8D0 399 415D
– 8D0399415L / 8D0 399 415L
– 8D0399419E / 8D0 399 419E


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