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Verkline Adjustable Rear Outrigger Arms R4 – Lancer EVO X

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X – REAR LONGITUDINAL ARM (Adjustable Rear Outrigger Arm)

The kit consists of all the parts visible on the pictures:
– Two rear light steel T45 35 mm outrigger wishbones (left + right)
– Two arm fixing C45 steel mounts
– Two M22 rod ends solid kevlar (motorsport rod ends)
– Two M22 half size screw locking nuts
– Two uniball bearings  (motorsport rod ends)
– Eight spacer sleeves for assemble of the arms in the rear subframe

– R4 spec rear suspension arm
– Comes preassembled ready for fitment in the car
– R4 rally kit compliant (meats FIA homogation rules for Lancer EVO X)
– Same rod end suppler as for original R4 kit
– Can be used with standard rear chassis and uprights pickup points
– Greater strength over OEM wishbones

Technical details
– Full 3D CAD designed
– FEA tested and additional reinforcement to the original design was made
– Manufactured from T45 steel
– Powder painted black

Wishbones are powder painted in black as standard.


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