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Verkline Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IV-IX – Rear Tubular Subframe

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IV-IX – Rear Lightweight Tubular Subframe

The kit consists of:
– Rear Light weight Tubular Subframe
– Rear Anti-roll Bar mounts for the subframe

Technical details
– Mountings to the chassis using are on standard attachment points
– Full 3D CAD designed
– FEA Tested and additional reinforcement to the original design was made
– Manufactured from T45 tubing, C45 milled steel and S355 sheet steel
– TIG Welded

Rear tubular subframes provide saving of 20 kg on the car over same OEM components. The subframe weights 9,40 kg. Designed for RS rear axle.

Was developed in close cooperation with 7motorsport

Subframes are powder painted in black as standard. Other color options available for an additional cost - please contact us to discuss


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